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The term of use is related to 50SEA Journals website, its all pages, updates, products and services that you access. These make you bound by and hereby consent to our Term of use. Actually, it is a contract between 50SEA Journals and its users/visitors. The postulates of this “Term of use” are as below;

  1. All the stuff on this website is the property of 50SEA Journals and its concerned licensors. Anyone has no rights to make any type of amendments in the website without permission.
  2. The research articles published by our research journals are labelled as “Open Access” with Creative Common Attribution (CC-BY) (What is creative commons) which can be distributed and reused only with giving an appropriate credit to 50SEA Journals and the respective authors.
  3. 50SEA Journals allow its users to create account to access certain pages for paper submission etc. Users will be responsible for protection of their accounts/passwords and 50SEA Journals will not be responsible for any type of data loss from a certain account.
  4. 50SEA Journals is a publishing forum which publish the ideas/researches of intellectuals of various fields. As every discipline of life is improved and updated in every age therefore, no idea/research published by 50SEA Journals may be taken as a final reference. We do not take responsibility for a single piece of information published on our website for its correctness. The gauge of correctness is associated to its creator (author/sponsor etc). Therefore, we advise our readers/visitors to cross validate all the stuff available at 50SEA Journals with other datasets and accept/reject at your own.
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  6. 50SEA Journals reserve the rights to change the “Terms of use” by placing a notice on its notice board.