CSS Pakistan Affairs 2018

No. 2. Critically evaluate the foundations of Allama Iqbal's concept of Muslim separatism in the context of Indo-Pak Subcontinent. (20)

No. 3. Discuss the 3rd June Plan or Mountbatten Plan and also describe how it was implemented? (20)

No. 4. Describe the political system of Pakistan. Which form of government is suitable to make country politically stable? (20)

No. 5. Define non-state actors. 'Non-state actors are posing more threat to Pakistan's national security than threats from external state actors.' Argue in favour or against. (20)

No. 6. Discuss the nature of centre-province relations under the 1973 Constitution. (20)

No. 7. Discuss the changing trends in Pakistan- US relations since 2001. (20)

No. 8. There is crisis of national integration in Pakistan since its creation. What measures do you suggest for the promotion of national integration of Pakistan? (20)