CSS Pakistan Affairs 2016

Q.No. 1. Give an account of the life and services of Shah Waliullah. How did he save the Indian Muslims from political annihilation and religious degeneration? (20)

Q.No. 2. The Aligarh Movement was a pure educational venture but it had deep impacts on Indian politics. Discuss. (20)

Q.No. 3. Critically analyze the elections of 1937 and the sufferings and grievances of the Muslims under the Congress rule in the provinces (1937-1939). How much did it help in popularizing the idea of a separate Muslim state in India? (20)

Q.No. 4. Jinnah in his Presidential Address to the annual session of All India Muslim League in March 1940 said, “The problem in India is not of an inter-communal character, but manifestly of an international one, and it must be treated as such.” Write note on the Two Nation Theory and the Lahore Resolution of March 1940 in the light of this statement. (20)

Q.No. 5. Write note on the post 9/11 foreign policy of Pakistan. What role do you foresee for Pakistan in regional and global politics in the near future? (20)

Q.No.6. Discuss the Kashmir problem in its entirety; throwing light on its background and prospects of possible solutions to this core issue between India and Pakistan. (20)

Q.No. 7. Write note on the Afghan War since 1979 and its impacts on Pakistan. How far the emergence of the “Non-State Actors” and Non-Traditional Security Threats in Pakistan can be attributed to the decades-long warfare in Afghanistan? (20)