CSS Pakistan Affairs 2014

Q.No. 1. Highlight the factors which played significant role in the evolution and growth of Muslim Society in the Sub-Continent. (20)

Q.No. 2. Evaluate the impact of the services rendered by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan towards the regeneration of the Muslims (20)

Q.No. 3. Briefly describe the genuine factors which were responsible for the demand of a separate homeland by the Muslims of the Sub-Continent. (20)

Q.No.4. “The Simla Deputation, 1906 laid the foundation for the creation of Pakistan”. Substantiate your view point with solid arguments. (20)

Q.No. 5. Give a critical analysis of the steps taken for Islamization in Pakistan since 1947. (20)

Q.No. 6. “Population explosion in Pakistan is emerging as the greatest threat to the economy of Pakistan”. Comment. (20)

Q.No. 7. “Pakistan can become one of the richest countries of the world, if we make the best use of our Natural resources”. Elaborate in the light of the present situation of the country. (20)