CSS Pakistan Affairs 2008

Q.1. What influence Shaikh Ahmad Sir Hindi has left on the history of Muslims of India? Discuss critically. (20)

Q.2. Aligarh Movement injected a new life in the dead body of the Muslim nation and helped to regain its lost glory and prestige. Discuss. (20)

Q.3. Quaid-e-Azam was the ambassador of “Hindu-Muslim Unity”. Discuss it in perspective of Lukhnow Pact and what future vision depicted from the pact? (20)

Q.4. The proposals of “Cabinet Mission” (1946) could defer the establishment of Pakistan, if accepted by Muslim League. Evaluate Critically. (20)

Q.5. The Constitution of Pakistan (1973) is the “mouth piece of Islam”. Discuss. (20)

Q.6. What is “Judicial Activism”? Has it brought Pak-Judiciary in the state of morality in the recent past? Give suggestion for the independence of Judiciary. (20)

Q.7. What are principal industries of Pakistan and what problems Government of Pakistan is facing for its industrial development? (20)