CSS Pakistan Affairs 2007

Q.1. Critically evaluate the contribution made by missionaries in the growth of Muslim society in the Sub-continent of Indo-Pak.

Q.2. The Deoband School stood for "definite religion- political goals with limited sphere of influence." Discuss.

Q.3. Elucidate Ideology of Pakistan. What are the reasons which contributed for the

development of two-nation-theory? Is two-nation-theory relevant after the fall of Dacca? Discuss.

Q.4 Minto Morely Reform was a "tool of change" in the political system of India. Discuss it with special reference to the demands. of Simla Deputation.

Q.5. Local government system under the "Devolution of Power Plan 2001" has miserably failed in delivering service to the masses. . Discuss.

Q.6. "Pakistan is a federation in form and unitary in spirit." Discuss it keeping in view the strengths and weakness of Federation of Pakistan.