CSS Pakistan Affairs 2004

Q1. Analyze the factors responsible for degeneration of muslim society in 18th century?

Q2.'Aligarh is arsenal of Muslim India'(Quaid-e-Azam) Narrate briefly the role of Aligarh for the cause of the muslims of the Subcontinent with special reference to the final phase of their independence?

Q3. Account for emergence of All India Muslim League and assess its importance in Indian politics during 1906-1913?

Q4. Trace the course of khilafat movement and assess its significance for the development of Muslim nationalism?

Q5."Between 1937-1947 congress policies were such as to make Pakistan inevitable', Discuss.

Q6. What do you know about water crisis in Pakistan. Also suggest concrete steps for its solution.

Q7. Throw light on the steps taken under various Govts. for the promulgation of Islamic system in the country?

Q8. Write notes on any two:

  1. Objective resolution
  2. Six points of Mujeeb ur Rehman
  3. Pakistan's role in the war against terrorism.