CSS Pakistan Affairs 2000

  1. Give an account of the evolution of the Muslim society in the sub-continent from 1206 to 1526 A.D.
  2. Analyze the significance of Lahore Resolution in the History of freedom movement.
  3. Evaluate the policies of the Cripps Mission. To what extent were these policies favorable for the Muslims of the sub-continent?
  4. Give a critical appraisal of the constitutional crisis during the period of Governor General Ghulam Mohammad. Write its effects on the subsequent history of Pakistan.
  5. Analyze the main causes of the debacle of East Pakistan. What are its consequences on the history of Pakistan?
  6. Discuss Corruption as number one problem of Pakistan. What practicable and feasible steps should be taken to eradicate this menace.
  7. Write a note on Balochistan; its area, population, economy, education and the problems of the people.
  8. Write short notes on any Two of the following:-

(a) Assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan.

(b) The salient features of the Constitution of 1956.

(c) Unemployment in Pakistan.