CSS Islamiat 2013

Q.2. What is Human Dignity? Explain how Islam recognized it and what efforts have been adopted to maintain the superiority of man? (16)

Q.3. Describe the importance and philosophy of Fasting (SAUM). Also explain its individual and collective benefits.(16)

Q.4. Define Tauheed (Unity of Allah) in a scholarly manner describing its significance and effects on human life.(16)

Q.5. What is the significance of "Jihad" in the light of Quran and Sunnah? What are its kinds, principles and conditions? (16)

Q.6. Define and explain the Judicio-Politicial System of Islam. (16)

Q.7. Write down in detail the problems of "Ummah" in the contemporary world. (16)

Q.8. Discuss the concept of veil and freedom of women from Islamic point of view while analyzing the law against veil in France.(16)

Q.9. The Holy Quran is the Fountain-head at all kind of knowledge, Discuss. (16)