CSS Islamiat 2011

Q.2. To follow an ideal is very necessary for the progress of nation. In your view what are basic characteristics of ideal and how Islamic ideology of life affects the individual and communal life with reference to basic characteristics of Islamic ideology? Elucidate. (16)

Q.3. What is meant by civilization and culture and how it effects collective life and also analyze the foundations of modern civilization and highlight the problems caused by it? (16)

Q.4. Discuss the concept of veil and freedom of women from Islamic point of view while analyzing the law against veil in France. (16)

Q.5. It is necessary to establish priority for law for the development of society. What is your point of view that today Islamic punishments are regarded as savagery? While discussing the Islamic philosophy of the reward and punishment also describe the basic characteristics of Islamic concept of punishments. (16)

Q.6. It is the period of basic human rights. What is meant by human rights and what is a western concept of human rights, discuss human rights of Islam in the light of the sermon of Hajjatul Widah. (16)

Q.7. In the present period the Muslim Ummah is facing different problems and for the solution of these problems "Ijtehad" is necessary, so point out such an institution that can offer solution to the new problems with the help of Ijtehad. (16)

Q.8. Discuss in detail the importance of Akle-Halal from Islamic Point of view and explain how unfair resources can be checked in the light of Islamic teachings? (16)

Q.9. In the present era, Muslim Ummah has all the resources, but it is the victim of disunity, while analyzing the reasons of disunity, suggest measures to maintain unity among the Muslim Ummah. (16)