CSS Islamiat 2007

Q.2. Despite the scientific and technological advancement the present society is facing moral decline and mental anarchy. In these circumstances elucidate the importance and effectiveness of Religion.

Q.3. Identify the importance of the concept of "Towheed" and explain the practical results of this principle on the private as well as public aspects of the human life.

Q.4. Define the doctrine of "ROZA" and explain how to achieve the goals of mutual co-operation and collective justice besides the purification of individual soul through the application of this doctrine.

Q.5 The Holy Quran is the fountain-head at all kinds of knowledge" Discuss tully.

Q.6. The application of Islamic Shariah is equal to man and woman, however, some injunctions are only related to woman explain.

Q.7 What are the causes and Losses of "sectarian differences" in Pakistan and how this problem r :n be solved in light of Islamic teachings?

Q 8. Take into account the steps and pots of the western nations against the Islamic world in the present era and give solid suggestions for their eradication in tile light of Quran and Sunnah.

Q.9 What do u know about the concept of "enlightened moderation" Give your arguments in for and against this notion.