CSS Islamiat 2006

Q2. Write A Note Detail Regarding The Quranic Concept Of Creation And Folding Up Of The Universe. discuss With References

Q3. Produce A Juristic-definition Of Both Ijtihad And Ijma Elaborating Possible Role Of Both The Above In Imslamization Of A State In Modern Time

Q4,’islam-in The Mid Of Contemporary Managements And Political Systems-possesses Its Own Political Management And Political System".  discuss

Q5. Muslim Are Being Persecuted Any Where In Chechenya, palestine, kashmir And Iraq Etc.in This Scenario-are The Suicide Attacks By Muslims Are Justified? unveil The Sharai Position Of The Issue Supported By Relevant Refences.

Q6. Describe"pan-islamism",give Introduction To The Organization Founded For Muslim World Unity And Their Role In Bringing The Muslim Countries Close To Each Other In Different Sphere Of Life

Q7. How The Protection And Application Of Islamic Culture Is Possible In The Mid Of The Influences Of Present Western Culture.  describe The Features Of Islamic Culture Prior To Have A Comparative Study Of The Issue.

Q8. Describe The Right Of Education For A Female In Islam

Q9."one Man’s Terrorist Is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter”, in Light Of The Preceding Quoted Probe In To Causes Of Terrorism And Separate Both Jihad And Terrorism From Each Other After Giving Solid Arguments.