CSS Islamiat 2004

1.translate the following surrah

Surahe lahab (tabbat yada abi lahabin watab)

2. Explain the belief of tauheed in schollaryly manner describing its effects on human life.

3. What is the role and objective of Muslim ummah? How can it contribute to solve its own and world's problems.

4. Describe in detail the four basic sources of Islamic law. Explain ijma and ijtihad specifically

5. Islam enjoys an exalted place in the religions of the world regarding human dignity moral values and allah's vicegrency. Discuss with arguments.

6.all pillars of Islam have philosophy and purpose behind them. Pin point fact with special reference to hajj with its individual and collective benefits.

7. Islam has pinpointed the rights of women and she has been properly regarded in all her capacities in the family. Elaborate comparing the facts with other religions.

8. Islam has distinguished status in judio-political system. Explain comprehensively

9. There is a clear relationship in between the morality and faith in concepts of Islamic ethics helping in character building of a nation and generation. Explain.