CSS Islamiat 2001

  1. How does Islam regard humanity? What is the concept of “Khalafat” in Islam?

  2. Define Tauheed (Unity of Allah) in a scholarly manner describing its significance and effects on human life.

  3. “Islam enjoys as exalted place in the religions of the world”. Elaborate

  4. What is the significance of “JIHAD” in the light of Quran and Sunnah? What are its kinds, principles, and conditions?

  5. Explain in detail the basic sources of “Islamic Law” with special reference to “Ijtihad”.

  6. Write down a comprehensive essay on the judico-political system of Islam.

  7. Describe the role and objectives of Muslim Ummah. How can it contribute to solve the problems of the present world?

  8. What is the role of man and woman in Islamic society? What are their responsibilities towards character building of new generation?