General Science & Ability 2013

Q.No.2. (a) “The flood disaster in Pakistan is caused by the follies of humans “. Comment. (05)

(b) State the message of “The Earth Hour Movement”. (05)

Q.No.3. (a) Porifera is an ancient group of animals from Cambrian period. What is the cause of their survival /success? (05)

(b) How heavy water differs from ordinary water and what is its use in the Atomic Reactor? (05)

Q.No.4. What part do antibodies play in allergic reactions? How vaccination can be helpful in its control/ prevention? (10)

Q.No.5. (a) Differentiate between Renewable and Non-renewable sources of energy. Give examples of each one of them. (05)

(b) Why Nuclear Energy is being preferred in developed countries and why are we lagging behind in this important source of energy? (05)

Q.No.6. (a) What is Nanotechnology and what are its uses? (05)

(b) Briefly explain the differences between Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.(05)

Q.No.7. Write comprehensive notes on:

(a) LASER and their uses. (b) OPTIC FIBRES and their importance in modern telecom system. (5 each)

Q.No.8. Write all that you know about Pesticides. How are they classified by agronomists? (10)

Q.No.9. Write note on: (a) Biotechnology (b) Global Warming (5 each)