General Science & Ability 2010

Q.2. Write short note on the following by giving their exact life span and contributions to the field of science. (Accurate facts will be appreciated) (5 x 2)

(a) Al – Biruni (b) Ibn – al – Haitham

Q.3. What do you know about hereditary diseases? Comment how they are transferred from parents to off springs? (3 + 7)

Q.4. Write briefly about ANY FIVE of the following: (Answer in three or four sentences) (2 x 5)

(a) Plaster of Paris (b) Reflex Action

(c) Pace Maker (d) Swine Flue

(e) Microwave Oven (f) The Internet

(g) Voltage Stabilizer

Q.5. (a) What is global warming? Is there a sunny side to global warming? If yes, explain. (2 + 6)

(b) What makes the seasons happen? (2)

Q.6. In which region of the world, the following animals are found? Give two main characteristics of each. (2 x 5)

(a) Blind dolphin (b) Kangaroo (c) Panda

(d) Kiwi (e) Penguin

Q.7. (a) In which organ these parts are present in animals or human body? (2 + 8)

(b) Describe the function of each briefly:

(i) Coronary artery (ii) Sino-auricular Node (iii) Aortic Valve (iv) Auricle

Q.8. Differentiate between the following pairs: (2 x 5)

(a) Hydrometer and Hygrometer (b) Perimeter and Telemeter

(c) Isotopes and Isomers (d) Flying mammal and Bird

(e) Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Q.9. (a) What are pesticides? Explain how these are dangerous to human beings? (2 + 4)

(b) What do the following scientific abbreviations stand for? (1/2 each)

(i) STP (ii) LORAN (iii) SONAR (iv) MAF

(v) MeV (vi) MASER (vii) AWACS (viii) CCTV