General Science & Ability 2007

Q.1. write short notes on any two of the following (5 each)

(a) Laser

(b) Nuclear reactor

(c) Ceramics

Q.2. Write briefly (not more than three to four sentences) about any five of the following ( 2 each)

(a) Asteroids

(b) Black Hole

(c) Aurora

(d) Sedimentary Rock

(e) Epiphytes

(f) Ionosphere

Q.3 Differentiate between the following pairs: (2 each)

(a) BIT and BYTE

(b) RAM and ROM

(c) Epidemic and endemic

(d) Photosynthesis and respiration

(e) Herbivores and carnivores

Q.4 (i) What are the endocrine glands? Name any Two. (2+2)

(ii) Name the parts of human body from where the following secreted: (6)

(a) Insulin

(b) thyroxin

(c) adrenalin

(d) oestrogen

(e) cortisol

(f) Testosterone

Q.5 (a) Briefly discuss the classification of plants giving suitable examples: (6)

(b) define the following: (4)

(1) Vaccine

(2) Antibiotic

(3) Solar eclipse

(4) Exothermic

Q.5 Give scientific reasons of the following: (2 each)

(a) Why climbers get their food by climbing on other trees ?

(b) Mars is called red planet.

(c) Vitamin D is the essential component of the bidy.

(d) The weight of the oblect is less at the equator than at the poles.

(e) Why do some people snore?

Q.7 Give description of satellites and also give their functions. (10)


(a) What is balance diet? (5)

(b) How are characters transmitted from parents to offspring? (5)