CSS Current Affairs 2015

Q.1. Since 1970 every election was accused of rigging, what electoral reforms you will suggest to improve the electoral system of Pakistan? (20)

Q.2. What is the role of education in character-building of a nation? Highlight major pitfalls in Pakistan’s education systems. (20)

Q.3. Define the term ‘Good Governance’. What measures the present government should take to improve its performance? (20)

Q.4. Do you believe that main cause of 2014 floods was Indian ‘water terrorism’ or it was due to awful mismanagement of water resources in Pakistan? (20)

Q.5. What are the causes of “Arab Spring”? Identify their impacts on the future politics of the region. (20)

Q.6. Do you agree that Pakistan’s role in Afghan Jihad against Soviet Union was the root-cause of terrorism in Pakistan or it is a reaction of US invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11 and Pakistan’s U-turn in Afghan policy? (20)

Q.7. Critically evaluate the counter-terrorism policy of Pakistan and suggest measures to eradicate this evil. (20)