CSS Current Affairs 2013

Q.1. Discuss the successes and failures of political parties in bringing about a meaningful political change in Pakistan. (20)

Q.2. Discuss the current socio-political and security situation in Afghanistan and its

implications for the neighboring countries. (20)

Q.3. How will “Arab Spring” effect the political and security environment in the Arab World? (20)

Q.4. Discuss the importance of Pak-China relations. How does this relationship effect the political and security environment in South Asia? (20)

Q.5. Discuss the causes of extremism and militancy in Pakistani society. Suggest ways and means for the state organs to overcome these problems. (20)

Q.6. Resolution of Kashmir Issue between India and Pakistan can bring peace and

prosperity in the region. Discuss. (20)

Q.7. Critically evaluate the causes of Energy crisis in Pakistan and its consequences for the economic growth and social fabric in the country. (20)