CSS Current Affairs 2009

Q.1. Why most countries of the Muslim world are devoid of democratic governance? What changes would you recommend to make them modern democratic states? (20)

Q.2. Dynastic politics in South Asia has become a norm rather than exception. What are the merits and demerits of this political arrangement? Analyze and comment. (20)

Q.3. The strength of Chinese economy is perceived as a threat by USA to its dwindling hegemony. What changes at policy level are required by America for harmonious relations with China? (20)

Q.4. In the present day turbulent world, most of the countries in East Asia have been relatively calm and stable in Political and Economic sphere. What reasons would you assign for this success?(20)

Q.5. Democracy in Pakistan has remained an elusive dream. Why it has taken so long to develop a road map and follow it with necessary modification? Explain. (20)

Q.6. The attack on Iraq by USA was an attempt to control oil resources of the area and redraw the map of Middle East. Having failed to achieve both objectives, what policy options would be required by USA towards Middle East for peaceful relations? (20)

Q.7. Write notes on ANY TWO of the followings: (20)

 (a) Combating corruption in developing countries.

 (b) Free Market Economy and Economic Meltdown.

 (c) Improving Quality of life in Africa.

 (d) Economic potential of Central Asia.