CSS Current Affairs 2008

Q.1. The rise of religious extremism and militancy has become a major challenge to Pakistan’s internal stability and promotion of democracy. Elaborate. (20)

Q.2. The amicable solution of Siachen glacier and Sir Creek maritime boundary disputes might harbinger the settlement of the core issue of Kashmir between Pakistan and India. Discuss. (20)

Q.3. Why Pakistan is desperately seeking full-fledged membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization? (20)

Q.4. Discuss the potential challenges Pakistan is facing in the WTO regime. (20)

Q.5. Discuss the various dimensions of Pakistan US relations in the wake of Pakistan’s playing the role as a frontline state against International terrorism. (20)

Q.6. How far India factor is responsible for the present state of Pakistan-Afghanistan relations? Analyze. (20)

Q.7. Write notes on any TWO of the following: (10+10)

  1. NATO’s expansion is Eastern Europe
  2. SAFTA
  3. Afghanistan is SAARC
  4. Great Game in Central Asia
  5. Palestine issue.