CSS Current Affairs 2007

Q.1 What are the factors which contribute to the global warming? What measures have been agreed in the Kyoto protocol to minimize the harmful effects of Pollution?

Q2. Association of the South East Asian Nation (ASEAN) is a success story of regional organization. What lessons SAARC can learn from the experience of ASEAN?

Q.3 there is a perception that USA is preparing to attack Iran. Discuss the possibilities of this scenario and its implication at global level specially in the Middle East, and on Pakistan.

Q.4 China, India and Pakistan are three Nuclear States in the Asian Continent. Is this a potential threat or strength for the continent? Analyze.

Q.5 Pakistan is suffering from crises of governance at Institutional level. Suggest remedies to mitigate this situation.

Q.6 the organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) has not played and effective role in protecting the rights of member states. How can it become a vibrant organization to achieve its objectives?

Q.7 Write notes on any Two of the following:

(a) Neo-Conservatism in USA

(b) Human Development

(c) Geneva Convention

(d) Balkanization