CSS Current Affairs 2006

Q # 1 US accusations against North Korea, Syria and Iran are meant to bring them within the purview of the doctrine of pre-emptive war. Discuss.

Q # 2 Countries that recognized the importance of higher education are way ahead of those who have ignored it. What measures would you suggest to upgrade the standard of higher education in Pakistan.

Q # 3 Examine the causes of disturbances in Baluchistan.

Q # 4 The UN Security Council is regarded as a tool for the veto wielding powers and debating forum for non-permanent members. Make a case for restructuring the Council with special emphasis on judicious distribution of veto power.

Q # 5 The ongoing anti blasphemy campaign launched by Muslims all over the world and the West's obduracy not to yield on the issue in the name of freedom of press has put the two on collision. What role the UN and the OIC can play to prevent recurrence of acts of blasphemy in future?

Q # 6 The US President Bush visit to Pakistan had yielded no positive outcome except for promises and pledges. In the backdrop of changing US mindset former Prime Minister Mir Zafrullah Khan Jamali had urged the government to establish more vibrant relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia and China. Comment.

Q # 7 Write explanator notes on any two of the following:

(a) Pak-Afghan Relations

(b) Kalabagh Dam

(c) October 8, Post earthquake Scenario

(d) Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) Gas Pipelines project