CSS Current Affairs 2005

Q1. The new dimensions in Indo US warming up of relations would have serious implications for Pakistan and the world region, discuss

Q2. The phenomenon of terrorism has occupied center stage in today’s world. Highlight the difference between terrorism and a freedom struggle. Discuss the issue of terrorism in the back drop of what is happening in Iraq, Chechenya, Kashmir and Afghanistan.

Q3. America has been bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan. What would be Americas exit strategy to disengage itself from the prevalent confrontational situation ? discuss.

Q4. How best can the issue of Provincial Autonomy in Pakistan be resolved within a viable Federal Structure ? Discuss

Q5. The Gwadar Port would have great strategic significance in addition to its vast economic potential not only for the uplift of Balochistan but for the neighboring countries like China, Afghanistan and Central Asian States, comment.

Q6. In the Muslim Societies factors like justice, rejuvenation, education and enlightenment, which determine the conditions of human societies are miserable lacking. Analyze the problems confronting the Muslim world in the light of this statement.

Q7. Analyze the convergence and divergence of interests in Pakistan –Iran relations since the last two decades.