CSS Current Affairs 2003

Q1. In the current relationship of mutual dependence, American obligations arc minimal while Pakistani ones are substantial Comment.

Q2. Globalization, as being shaped by the World Trade Organization in a world of un-equal nation-slates, has un-manageable implications. Discuss.

Q3. Give a long-term scenario of Afghanistan and Iraq beyond the perspective of' Nine Eleven'.

Q4. Highlight the factors and forces, which have contributed to sideline the United Nations Organization in terms of its peace and security role.

Q5. What are the ground realities inhibiting the capacity of Organization of Islamic conference as an effective body to protect the legitimate interests of Muslim world1?

Q6. In what ways India-Israel nexus, India-China bilateral relations and India-Iran geo-economics tics affect Pakistan? 1. Debate, National Interests VS Democratic Values in the context of recent political and constitutional developments in Pakistan.

Q7. Attempt any TWO parts:

(a) Current Palestinian situation and the Arab neighbors.

(b) France's policy on Iraq's invasion.

(c) Any one personality of the following:

(i) Noam Chomsky (ii) Arundhati Roy

(iii) Edward Wadic Saeed

(iv) Iqbal Ahmcd (not Allama Iqbal)