CSS Current Affairs 2002

Q.1 “In her foreign policy and trade, Pakistan has never benefited fully from her  ideal geostrategic location “. Discuss

Q.2 Give a critique of the performance of SAARC since its inception.

Q.3 Critically evaluate the US concerns about the production of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

Q.4 Analyze the role of OIC in the resolution of problems faced by its members

Q.5 “A single catastrophic event –„Nine Eleven‟ – has turned the entire world topsy-turvy”. Discuss.

Q.6 How has the conflict between US and Iraq affected them and the world at large?

Q.7 Give a comprehensive appraisal of the revival of democracy after the interregnum of 1999-2002.

Q.8 Write notes on any Two of the following :

A: Expansion of European Union (EU)

B: Communal riots in India

C: Kalabagh Dam

D: Pakistan’s Pollution Problem