CSS Zoology 2014



Q.2. (a) Write an essay on parasitic zoonosis. (10 each)

(b) Describe protozoan parasites of public health importance. (20)

Q.3. (a) Describe parasitic adaptation in platyhelminthes. (10 each)

(b) Compare the structure and function of water vascular system of asteroids, Ophiuroids and crinoids. (20)

Q.4. (a) What is torsion and shell coiling? Describe their effects on gastropod structure and function. (10 each)

(b) Describe digestive system of insects with the help of suitable labelled diagram. (20)

Q.5. Write short notes on the followings: (5 each)

(a) Toxoplasmosis

(b) Metamorphosis

(c) Parthenogenesis

(d) Parasitasis


Q.6. (a) Describe types of vertebrate neurons with the help of suitable labelled diagrams(s).

(b) Discuss various types of fish scales. (10 each)

Q.7. (a) Describe biting apparatus of a poisonous snake and explain the biting mechanism. (10 each)

(b) Describe various types of primitive vertebrate heart. Illustrate answer with labelled diagram.

Q.8. Write short notes on the followings: (5 each)

(a) Birds Migration and Navigation

(b) Crocodiles and Alligators

(c) Turtles and Tortoises

(d) Marsupials and Monotremes