CSS Zoology 2007


Q.1. (a) Canal system is found in Porifera, explain its types & significance. (8)

(b) In insects respiration is through tracheal tubes, explain its structure along with its working. (6)

(c) Describe structure and Types of foot in Mollusca. (6)

Q.2. (a) How Platyhelminthes are adapted for Parasitic mode of life. (7)

(b) Describe complete Metamorphosis in an insect. (7)

(c) Some Protozoa are medicinally important, explain at least three such Protozoan. (6)

Q.3. Write note on the following: (5 each)

(a) Water vascular system in Echinodermata

(b) Corals

(c) Trochophore larva

(d) Shell in Mollusca


Q.4. (a) Amount of yolk determine the cleavage type, describe various types of cleavages found in vertebrates. (7)

(b) Describe Placentation in mammals, explain various types. (7)

(c) Differentiate between the scale of fishes and Reptiles. (6)

Q.5. (a) How vertebrate kidney was evolved. (10)

(b) How Birds migrate, explain various factors, which are involved in their migration. (10)

Q.6. Write note on the following: (5 each)

(a) Amphioxus

(b) Amphibian Heart

(c) Gastrulation in birds

(d) Snake biting