CSS Public Administration 2007

Q1. Discuss the general problems comprising the elements of public administration in detail.

Q2. The bureaucracy in many developing countries has played a considerable part as a change agent in modernizing and development. Why bureaucracy is lacking in this respect in Pakistan? Elaborate.

Q3. The long experience of the leading countries of the world suggests certain principles to which budget-making should conform. What are those important principles? Describe briefly.

Q4. One of the writers on planning Mr. Pfiffner points out that the constitution of a country is a plan. Every planning and purposeful activity is preceded by preparation for action. Do you agree with this statement? Discuss.

Q5. The excessive zeal for scientific management which arose as a corollary to the merit system has produced adverse effect on administration but civil service has become synonymous to merit system. Describe briefly the merit system and its advantages.

Q6. The judicial remedies and accountability for the citizen of the country against the abuse of power has become prevalent in the modern time. What are those remedies? Elaborate.

Q7. The professional ethics and consciousness is a sort of built in control mechanism and it prompts the administrative leadership to maintain high standard of efficiency and integrity. Do you agree with this statement? Discuss.