CSS Public Administration 2006

Q.1. it has been said that "Administration is the most obvious part of government; it is government in action; it is the executive, the operative, the most visible side of the government and is of course as old as government itself." Discuss the above statement in light of the theory and practice of Public Administration.

Q.2. Fredrick W Taylor is considered the originator of the scientific management movement. Explain the principle of scientific management propounded by him.

Q.3. "Work is accomplished by the employees who have not yet reached their level of incompetence." Explain in the light of structure and operation of hierarchies in government.

Q.4. What is Bureaucracy? Why is it so important to the effective functioning of organization? Explain in the light of Max Weber's theory of Bureaucracy.

Q.5. What is the importance of Public Private Partnership in Effective Governance? Discuss the concept of Public Private Partnership with example from Pakistan.

Q.6. Explain the salient features of National Accountability Strategy as prepared by the National Accountability Bureau. Can it be called a complete strategy of Effective Governance?

Q.7. Explain briefly the Devolution Programme of the Government. Highlight its strengths and weaknesses.