CSS Public Administration 2000

Q1. Describe the characteristic features of Public Administration and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of governmental machinery in Pakistan.

Q2. Give a comprehensive account of Behavioral School of thought in administration. How can it be made instrumental for good governance in Pakistan?

Q3. Explain the meaning of Ecology. Suggest ecological changes which may improve the performance of the bureaucracy of Pakistan.

Q4. Differentiate between the roles and functions of political and administrative leadership. How can we reconcile the conflict between political and administrative leadership?

Q5. A fair, free and transparent system of accountability is a pre-requisite of public administration in a democratic state. Identify the causes and suggest remedies for the failure of system of accountability during the democratic regimes in Pakistan.

Q6. What structural changes would you suggest to change the orientation of public personnel management in Pakistan from "ruling elite" to "serving civil servants" to achieve the objectives of poverty alleviation and development...

Q7. Accounting and auditing system of financial administration in Pakistan has almost collapsed as it has failed to control financial corruption. Suggest modern managerial methods to check the leakage of funds in the public sector organizations.