CSS Psychology 2015


Q.2. Define the endocrine system. What are the functions of hormones? (20)

Q.3. Define learning. Describe acquisition, extinction, spontaneous recovery and generalization as they apply to classical conditioning. (20)

Q.4. Define motivation and discuss how instincts, drives and incentives explain motivated behavior. (20)

Q.5. Define perception and consciousness. Explain how the types of perceptual constancy operate? (20)

Q.6. Discuss Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, including levels of consciences and three structures of personality. (20)

Q.7. Define attitude, its components and how attitudes are formed? (20)

Q.8. Define any FOUR of the following: (4x5=20)

(i) Neuron.

(ii) Vision.

(iii) Prejudice.

(iv) Group norms.

(v) Homeostasis.

(vi) Latent learning.

(vii) Hypothesis.

(viii) Illusion.

(ix) Cereberum.