CSS Psychology 2013


Q.2. State the definition of Psychology as a science. Show your familiarity with the scope of Psychology.(20)

Q.3. Describe briefly the structure and functions of central nervous system. (20)

Q.4. Define learning. Discuss the principle of reinforcement as related to both classical and operant conditioning. (20)

Q.5. Distinguish between sensation and perception. Explain determinants of perception. (20)

Q.6. Critically examine Maslows hierarchy of need theory. (20)

Q.7. Define personality. Discuss the factors in development of personality. (20)

Q.8. Write short notes on any FOUR of the following:- (5 +5+5+5= 20)

(i) Homeostasis

(ii) Frustration and Conflict

(iii) Prejudice

(iv) Endocrine system

(v) Group norms

(vi) Personality test

(vii) Socialization

(viii) Inter group tension