CSS Political Science 2016


Q.No. 2. Give a critical analysis of Aristotle’s classification of Governments. (20)

Q.No. 3. Is it correct to say that Machiavelli was an apostle of Power Politics? (20)

Q.No. 4. Describe Al-Mawardi’s theory of Imamate. (20)

Q.No. 5. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (10 each)

(a) End of History

(b) Totalitarianism

(c) Women Empowerment


Q.No. 6. “Democratic Political System cannot function successfully without organized Political Parties.” Discuss. (20)

Q.No. 7. Explain, ‘Confederation’. How it is different from Federation? (20)

Q.No. 8. Write short notes on the following: (10 each)

(a) Civil society

(b) Public opinion