CSS Political Science 2009


Q.2. Discuss Committee System in American Congress and point out its demerits. Also compare it with British Committee System. (20.

Q.3. How Local Government function in France? Discuss. (20)

Q.4. What is Supreme Soviet? Discuss its powers and functions. (20)


Q.5. How political parties organize and function in accordance with Turkish Constitution? Also enlist five major parties with names of their founding fathers. (20)

Q.6. Write comprehensive note on the following: (10+10)

 (i) Cadres Scheme in Chinese Political System.

 (ii) Role played by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the rise of Muslim Nationalism in the Sub-continent.

Q.7. “India is a Secular State” critically examine and comment. (20)

Q.8. Compare and critically examine the following under 1956, 1962 and 1973 (Reinstated in 1985 with amendments) constitutions of Pakistan: (20)

(i) Delegation of Power

(ii) No seats in Provincial Assemblies

(iii) Basic Rights

(iv) Mode of Elections

(v) National Language