CSS Muslim Law Jurisprudence 2019


No. 2. Does Islam allow privatization of law? Discuss in the light of Blasphemy laws of Pakistan. (20)

No. 3. (a) What are the rational sources of Islamic law? (7) (b) What are the elements of Qiyas? (7) (c) Explain Qiyas with the help of an example. (6) (20)

No. 4. Explain the procedure of Talaq-e-Ahsan and Talaq-e-Hassan. (20)

No. 5. Discuss origin and development of Islamic law of International relations? (20)

No. 6. Differentiate between following terms/concepts: (5 each) (a) Fiqh and Shariah (b) Ijtihad and Taqleed (c) Wajib and Fard (d) Hukm-e-taklifi and Hukum-e-wadi (20)

No. 7. Discuss the relationship between Maqasid-e-Shariah and Human Rights. (20)

No. 8. Discuss any two of the following transactions: (10 each)

(a) Mudarba (b) Murabaha (c) Ijarah  (20)