CSS Mercantile Law 2014


Q.2. What is misconduct? What remedy is open to the litigating party against whom an appointed arbitrator or umpire commits misconduct? Discuss. (20)

Q.3. What are the qualifications, powers and liabilities of the director of a public limited company? In what circumstances his office falls vacant? (20)

Q.4. What are the rules of evidence relating to a negotiable instrument? (20)

Q.5. When does the communication of a proposal, acceptance and revocation become complete? How revocation is made? (20)

Q.6. What is legal status of a contract entered into by a minor? Is it enforceable by law? If so, under what circumstances? (20)

Q.7. What do you mean by implied authority of partner? Discuss liability of firm for partner’s act. (20)

Q.8. “A seller cannot convey a better title than he himself has”. Are there any exceptions to this rule? Discuss. (20)