CSS Journalism & Mass Communication 2007


Q.1 what are the essentials of effective communication? Support your answer with arguments?

Q.2 give your evaluation of the role of print journalism in Pakistan?

Q.3 survey the development of electronic media in Pakistan?

Q.4. “the mass media in Pakistan are confronting many problems” Please comment.


Q.5. differentiate news “components” from “news values”

Q.6. describe the need and significance of editorial.

Q.7. what is your opinion about the present status of Public Relations Practice in Pakistan

Q8 Survey the development of Advertising in Pakistan


Q.9 write only the correct answer in the Answer book. Do not reproduce the question.

1) Calcutta General advertiser is popularly known as:

  1. a) Bengal jopurnal

  2. b) Hicky`s Gazette

  3. c) Calcutta Courier

  4. d) Voice of Bengal

2) The first printed Urdu paper in the Sub-continent was:

  1. a) Delhi urdu Akhbar

  2. b) Sadiq-ul-Akhbar

  3. c) Jam-e-jahan Numa

  4. d) Koh-I-Noor

3) The Pakistan Times was founded by:

  1. a) quaid-e-Azam Mohd Ali Jannah

  2. b) Liaqat Ali khan

  3. c) Khawaja Nazim-uddin

  4. d) Mian Iftakhruddin

4) The term Artillery of the press was coined by :

  1. a) James reston

  2. b) Qilbur Schramm

  3. c) MM clean

  4. d) Lazarsfeld

5) S M C R model of communication process was produced by:

  1. a) David K berlo

  2. b) M M clean

  3. c) E M Roger

  4. d) C H Gerber

6) the modern version of old hero is .

  1. a) Famous personality

  2. b) Celebrity

  3. c) V I P

  4. d) Powerful personality

7) libel is :

  1. a) Malicious defamatory joke

  2. b) Malicious defamatory written accusation

  3. c) Slander

  4. d) Defamatory speech

8) intra Personal Communication is

  1. a) Communication between two persons

  2. b) Inner monologues-communications within self

  3. c) Communication with more people

  4. d) Communication with masses

9) the originator of the phrase “press is the fourth estate” is:

  1. a) Edmund Burke

  2. b) Lord Macaulay

  3. c) North Cliff

  4. d) Rudyard Kipling

10) The Magic Bullet theory of mass communication was evolved by

  1. a) Ball Rokeach

  2. b) Klapper

  3. c) George Gerber

  4. d) None of these

Q 9 (b) Identify the following in Pakistan`s Media perspective.

1) A P N S

2) A P N E C

3) C P N E

4) P B C

5) A B C

6) P I D

7) P F U J

8) A P P

9) P E M R A

10) R P P O