CSS Islamic History & Culture 2014

Part II

  1. Describe the causes and consequences of early Muslim conquests of Egypt and North Africa.

  2. Enumerate the various causes which led to the success of Abdur Rahman Addakhil in Spain.

  3. Estimate Hakam II as a patron of art and literature.

  4. Medieval Spain remarkable progress in medieval Science from 10th century to 12th Century, when reached its zenith. Give a critical review.

  5. Calligraphy is considered the greatest Muslim art in which they have achieved incomparable success. Give your opinion.

  6. Give analytical study of the evolution of Muslim Architecture in Spain with special reference of:

    i) The great mosque of Cardova

    ii) Qasr-uz-Zahra

    iii) Giralda of Seville

    iv) Al-Hamra