CSS Islamic History & Culture 2013



Q.1. Select the best option/answer and fill in the appropriate box on the Answer Sheet. (1 x 20=20)

 (i) Literal meaning of JEHAD is:

(a) Exemption

(b) Sacrifice

(c) Fight

(d) Struggle

(e) None of these

(ii) Marwan was the son of

(a) Hakam

(b) Walid

(c) Suleman

(d) Yazid

(e) None of these

(iii) Musa-bin-Naseer conquered parts of

(a) Asia

(b) Africa

(c) Europe

(d) Australia

(e) None of these

(iv) In 89 A.H. _____ became viceroy of Africa.

(a) Musa-bin Naseer

(b) Tariq bin Ziyad

(c) Yazid bin Muhalib

(d) Umer bin Abdul Aziz

(e) None of these

(v) After a short khilafat of Muawiyah II the next Khalifa of Islam was:

(a) Ibn-e-Khatab

(b) Ibn-e-Hashim

(c) Ibn-e-Zubair

(d) Ibn-e-Yazid

(e) None of these

(vi) Whilst Africa was under the Ummayads the Spain was under:

(a) Goth

(b) The Jews

(c) The Hindus

(d) The Mongols

(e) None of these

(vii) For the first time Abdul Malik issued purely Muslim coinage known as:

(a) Pound

(b) Deenar

(c) Dirham

(d) Rupee

(e) None of these

(viii) Firdousi was the poet of:

(a) Persia

(b) Asia

(c) Africa

(d) America

(e) None of these

(ix) Al-walid was one of the greatest Khalifas of:

(a) Arabs

(b) Indo-Pak

(c) China

(d) Whole Islamic World

(e) None of these

(x) Umm-ul-Banin was a remarkable ------ woman.

(a) Arab

(b) Spanish

(c) Egyptian

(d) European

(e) None of these

(xi) Safah was the first khalifa of :

(a) Ummayads

(b) Hashimis

(c) Abbasids

(d) Alvids

(e) None of these

(xii) ------ was the real founder of the Abbasid dynasty.

(a) Safah

(b) Abu Jaafar

(c) Muhammad Musa

 (d) Abdullah

(e) None of these

(xiii) In the administration of the Ummayads the court language was:

(a) Persian

(b) Arabic

(c) French

(d) German

(e) None of these

(xiv) Fazal bin Yahya had held the governorship(s) of :

(a) Khorasan and Egypt

(b) Spain

 (c) South Asia

(d) Africa

(e) None of these

(xv) With the emergence of Abbasids the Capital was transferred from Syria to:

(a) Iran

 (b) Egypt

 (c) Iraq

(d) Turkey

(e) None of these

(xvi) Amin was murdered in

(a) 814 A.C.

(b) 815 A.C.

(c) 816 A.C.

(d) 817 A.C.

(e) None of these

(xvii) Nazhun, Zainab and Hamda belonged to

(a) Spain

(b) Baghdad

(c) Syria

(d) Iraq

(e) None of these

(xviii) Maliki doctrines were introduced in Spain in the reign of:

(a) Hisham

(b) Abdur-Rahman

(c) Abdullah

(d) Yazid

(e) None of these

(xix) Al-Qanum-Fil Tib was written by:

(a) Bu-Ali-Sina

(b) Almasudi

(c) Ibn-e-Ishaq

(d) Al-Yaqubi

(e) None of these

(xx) Al Tafsir was written by

(a) Al-Zahrawi

(b) Muhammad Bin Zikriya

(c) Al-Ghazali

(d) Jabir bin Hayan

(e) None of these


Q.2. Discuss the Socio-economic reforms of Abdul Malik bin Marwan. (20)

Q.3. Discuss the expansion of the Islamic empire under Walid bin Abdul Malik. (20)

Q.4. Highlight the nature and importance of the Ummayad institutions and society. (20)

Q.5. Give an analytical study of the Muslims contribution in social sciences in the reign of Haroon and Mamun. (20)

Q.6. Estimate the reign of Abdur-Rehman II in the history of Spain. (20)

Q.7. Give a critical study of the character and the achievements of Abdur-Rehman Al-Nasir of Muslim Spain. (20)

Q.8. Give a study on “Evolution of knowledge and wisdom” in Muslim Spain. (20)