CSS Islamic History & Culture 2012


Q.2. Give a detailed study of Origin and Characteristics of Islamic Civilization. (20)

Q.3. “The Civilization of Medieval Islam grew and blossomed as one of the brilliant civilizations of humanity”. Comment. (20)

Q.4. Give a short sketch of Arab Academies and their teachers in Baghdad. (20)

Q.5. “The Conquest of Spain was a beacon of knowledge to the Europe.” Discuss. (20)

Q.6. Highlight the main reasons of Ottomans as becoming, ‘the sick man of Europe’. (20)

Q.7. Estimate the colonial impact on Muslim society under European rule. (20)

Q.8. Describe the impacts of Islam on Hinduism with special reference to unorthodox movement of Bhakti Cult. (20)

Q.9 Write detailed notes on the life and work of the following:   (10+10=20)

(i) Ibn-e-Khaldun.

(ii) Ibn-e-Sina