CSS Islamic History & Culture 2006

Q # 1… In which period of the history Islam was introduced in North Africa? Describe the conquests of these lands from Amr Bin al’Aas to Uqba bin Nafi.

Q # 2… Write a comprehensive note on Muslim architecture in Spain, with special reference to some of the important buildings of Cordova and Granada.

Q # 3… What do you know about the influence of Muslim Sicily on the European Civilization? Please write in a scholarly manner.

Q # 4… Please discuss how the European Renaissance and Reformation took its spark from the universities and Seminaries of Qurtuba and Baghdad?

Q # 5… Describe the character and achievements of Muhammad al-Fatih, The Ottoman.

Q # 6… Sayyid Jamaluddin Afghani spent his life for the cause of Muslim awakening and unity in the Islamic world. Please discuss.

Q # 7… What are, in your view, the main problems of the Muslim Ummah of today? And what are their solutions?