CSS International Relations 2015

Q. No. 2. “A single catastrophic event “Nine Eleven”, has turned the world topsy-turvy”. Discuss.

Q. No. 3. Visualize the post-Taliban scenario in Afghanistan and discuss its implications for Pakistan.

Q. No. 4. The phenomenon of terrorism has occupied center stage in today’s world. Highlight the difference between terrorism and freedom struggle. Discuss the issue of terrorism in backdrop of what is happening in Palestine, Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Q. No. 5. “In her foreign policy and trade, Pakistan has never benefitted fully from the ideal Geostrategic location”. Discuss.

Q. No. 6. Discuss the economic and strategic importance of Gawadar port for Pakistan and for the region.

Q. No. 7. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (10 each) (20)

(a) Terminology of AF-PAK

(b) E.C.O.

(c) O.I.C.