CSS International Relations 2010

Q.2. ‘Can you imagine a world without Inter-State Relations’? Explain the importance of International Relations in the Nuclear Age. (20)

Q.3. Describe the basic features of the Modern Nation State. What are the dangers to its future? (20)

Q.4. Define Balance of Terror. How far it has succeeded in preventing a major war in the world? (20)

Q.5. Explain the Socio-Economic and Political Compulsions which led to the formation of Regional Blocs. (20)

Q.6. “After the downfall of Colonialism. The Western Powers have embarked upon a new policy of “Economic Imperialism” through IMF, World Bank, Multi-Nationals and WTO”. Do you agree? Substantiate. (20)

Q.7. “The Kashmir Problem has been mishandled from the beginning and every successive Government in Pakistan has contributed to that”. Critically explain the statement. (20)

Q.8. “The Al-Qaeeda phobia has made USA a neurotic Super Power. She is disregarding the norms of International Law and Diplomacy”. Make your comments by a brief survey of US Global Policy. (20)