CSS International Relations 2008

Q.2. The emergency of sovereign state as a primary actor was just the beginning of the evolution of modern International System. Assess the pace of change in International Relations from 1815 to 1914. (20)

Q.3. War and Peace are conflicting values of International Politics. A state cannot encourage one without sacrificing other. Describe three means of peace and security in nuclear age. (20)

Q.4. “Development of International Law and Organization are the efforts of all states to make International System less anarchic”. Elucidate the statement. (20)

Q.5. How can a Nation state best protect her interest and identity in a transitional World Order? (20)

Q.6. Since South Asia has been dominated by the antagonism between India and Pakistan, what impact do nuclear weapons have on the balance of power in the region. (20)

Q.7. Terrorism has compelled everyone to think, “No one can be trusted and everyone is to be feared.” Discuss an appropriate response to Domestic and International terrorism. (20)

Q.8. How effective the UN in dealing with global problems? What will the International System look like in the year 2050? (20)