CSS International Relations 2007

  1. “Europeans transformed Westphalian System of States into empires during 16th, 17th and 18th centuries to increase their Wealth and Power.” Elucidate the statement.
  2. Describe interactions among Nations through diplomacy for establishing balance of power to preserve their National Interest.
  3. Comparatively analyze the basic philosophy of International Relations, “Peace and Security” has been challenged by the emerging “Economic Regionalism and Military Technologies”.
  4. How do you perceive US military engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq and its implications in near future?
  5. The two great wars had dismantled colonialism and created Third World and Non-Alignment Movement. How did the UN justify its role in the World Affairs?
  6. Discuss the role of Nuclear Diplomacy in South Asia with particular reference to, “US Indian Nuclear deal has activated Indo-Russian Nuclear Cooperation”.
  7. The pos Cold War, World Order promised Peace, Security, Democracy, Nuclear Nonproliferation and Human Rights protection. Assess its repercussions at present confronted by the world community in the context of Terrorism, Nuclear Proliferation, Globalization and erosion of Human Dignity.