CSS International-Law 2018


No. 2. "From the theoretical stand point, the provision for applying the 'general principles' sounding the death ― knell of positivism". Discuss. (20)

No. 3. What do you mean by subject of law? Discuss individuals as subjects of International law with special reference to Reparation for injuries suffered in the service of United Nations Organization case 1949. (20)

No. 4. According to Starke, the subject of recognition can be presented, "Less as a body of clearly defined rules or principles than as a body of fluid, inconsistent and unsystematic state practice". Discuss. (20)

No. 5. To what extant, if at all, are the powers of the Security Council confined to the contents of Chapters VI and VII of the United Nations Charter? (20)

No. 6. Critically analyze the powers of the General Assembly and Security Council in the settlement of International Disputes. (20)

No. 7. "Although Security Council has resolved most of the issues relating to threat to international peace and security but the real problem today is about its composition". Discuss. (20)

No. 8. Elucidate and Justify: "The United Nations, inspite of its imperfections, is the only organization that can save humanity from disaster and complete annihilation". (20)