CSS History of USA 2016


Q.2. The American Revolution was the child of Enlightenment. Comment. (20)

Q.3. Discuss in detail the causes and effects of the Great Depression on the people and society of the United States of America. (20)

Q.4. How urban life was affected in USA during first two stages of industrialization? (20)

Q.5. What factors led Blacks to start the Civil Rights Movements? Discuss the role of Courts and State in giving rights to the blacks. (20)

Q.6. What economic problems were faced by Ronald Reagan and how his government dealt with economic crisis? (20)

Q.7. “The Bush Doctrine is the name given to a set of foreign policy guidelines”. Comment.

Q.8. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (10 each)

(a) Dollar diplomacy

(b) Eisenhower doctrine

(c) U-2 incident