CSS History OF Pakistan & India 2020


No. 2. Discuss in detail the role of Persian language in influencing cultures in precolonial India. (20)

No. 3. How did the institution of Sufi Shrines influence socio-cultural and economic structures in Mughal India? (20)

No. 4. In Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's struggle for uplifting the conditions of the Muslims, we see a conflict between Indian and European traditions and knowledge systems. Explain. (20)

No. 5. How did colonial legacies influence Pakistan's political and social structures in the 1950s and 1960s? (20)

No. 6. While considering the Pakistan's current financial crisis, how would you compare the economic policies of General Ayub Khan with Z.A. Bhutto? (20)

No. 7. Explain the propaganda strategies of Pakistani and Indian states and the separatist Bengali leadership during the crisis of East Pakistan. (20)

Q. No. 8. Compare the political strategies used by Pakistan Muslim League-N, Pakistan People's Party Parliamentarian and Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf since 2008, to establish their governments. (20)