CSS History OF Pakistan & India 2012


Q.2. Give an account of the arrival of the English in the Sub-continent. Trace, historically the manner in which they succeeded in establishing factories and trade centers in Indo-Pakistan. Also the circumstances which forced the East India Company to assume the shape of power from a peaceful trade company. (20)

Q.3. Give your views about the exact nature of the revolt of 1857. Was it a spy mutiny, a Conspiracy or a War of Independence? (20)

Q.4. Examine Aligarh Movement and the services rendered by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to uplift the educational services for the awakening of the Muslims of Sub-continent. (20)

Q.5. What were the conditions which necessitated the Partition of Bengal in 1905? What was the reaction of the Hindus and Muslims shown towards the partition? (20)

Q.6. “The initial years of Pakistan were very crucial for its existence”. Discuss. (20)

Q.7. “Frequent military interventions is the basic cause of the failure of democracy in Pakistan”. Comment. (20)

Q.8. Give the importance of Objective Resolution in the history of constitution making in Pakistan. (20)